SAMARPANA-2018 was a wonderful program! My friends and I truly enjoyed it! The ladies and girls put in so much hard work and dedication. It was a beautiful experience! Thank you Nikita Vijayan for inviting us! Congratulations to everyone!

Kirn Lall Name

I was fortunate to attend Sri Rama Charitham program. Aparna Satheesan played the part of Rama. Aparna did true justice to the part of Rama. I have no words to express my appreciation and admiration for talented AparnaSatheesan. She danced, no she floated, no she was poetry in motion. Aparna’s abhinaya, her nrutya and her lasya were mesmerizing. Such a talented artist is also a great dance teacher.
If anyone is interested and looking for a dance teacher, I would suggest Aparna Satheesan without doubt. Keep it up Aparna and all the best wishes to you.

Sudha Goradia

Aparna Satheesan – your production, “Krishna” performed at Tarkington for LIN’s Sangam was a visual treat! Your choreography, energy and life you bring to each and every character and scene is amazing! You’ve very well trained the other dancers too and together they all did a wonderful job.
You are a very talented, multifaceted dancer and I appreciate your attention to details and personifying them very aptly – specially the childhood pranks, naughtiness, romance and then the magnanimity of Vishwaroopam, all were impeccable!
Congratulations on a super production.
May be because of time constraint, every scene looked a little rushed, may be next time you may want to ease the transitions from each scene little better.

Sreemala Murthy‎

Krishna Dance was a wonderful experience. It was flawless from beginning to the end. Vishnu roopam is the same we all have in our hearts. The same garland , the hair the naughtiness in the face everything. The dance on plate was very beautiful.

Starting from the flute music to the gopis to the stealing of butter and lying to amma to kaliya mardhanam. Vishnus holding of kalia’s tail was a great addition. All in all it was a visual treat. Thanks for a wonderful performance.

Smitha Kalluparambil

“Krishna”, in Eli Lily Sangam Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre, was an amazing performance. Awesome choreography and each dancer was flawless!
Congratulations Aparna Satheesan Anjali Pillai Sushuma Yarlagadda and rest of the team!

‎Shanti Karthik‎

So very excited to perform with the one and only Aparna Satheesan for India Day! I’ve secretly been such a fan, and we’re finally dancing together! Please come celebrate with us at Monument Circle on Aug. 16th – and watch our Kuchipudi/Kathak fusion.

Hopefully all of the fun we have in practice transfers to a memorable performance on stage!

Shivani Bajpai